There have been many chapters, to the clubs history. Whilst metropolitan, VFA, and VFL/AFL clubs have fallen by the way side, the club has gone through an amalgamation, name changes and going into recess for a year and is proud to have survived. The one constant has been our home ground - Edinburgh Reserve.


The formation name of the club was Sandown, the Cobras nickname was implemented with the amalgamation with South Waverley JFC, hence today we are the Sandown Cobras. Whilst the amalgamation component ended in 1997, the club's incoporated name still remains South Waverley-Sandown Cobras FC, recognising South Waverley's big part in allowing the club to survive in the early to mid 80's.  


As you will see below, no major historical records were kept, certainly in the first 15 years or so, so thankyou to a number of founding members who have assisted in helping compile information. 


On the 4th August 2012, the club gathered past (as many as we could track down) and present to reflect on the first 50 years.



* Known as Sandown Football Club (1962-1983)

* Known as Sandown-South Waverley Football Club (1984-1997)

* Known as Southern Cobras Football Club (1998-2005)

*Known as Sandown Cobras Football Club (2006-2013)

* Known as Sandown Cobras Football Netball Club (2014 onwards)


*SENIOR PREMIERS: 1967, 1972, 1987, 1997

SENIORS RUNNER UP - 1994, 1998, 2012




UNDER 17's RUNNER UP - 1989


UNDER 14 RUNNER UP - 1994, 1995, 1996

*UNDER 13 PREMIERS: 1986, 1988, 1993

UNDER 13 RUNNER UP - 1989, 1994

*UNDER 11 PREMIERS: 1984, 1987,1992


UNDER 10 RUNNER UP - 1984, 1996



ALSO RUNNER UP UNDER 16's in 1984, UNDER 15's in 1984 & 1995, Under 18's in 1990

& Sandown Thirds in 2012.



The Sandown Football Club was formed in 1961 when local identities had a meeting at 44 Grace St, North Springvale at the home of Alby Schmidt. Present at that meeting with Alby were Alec Felton, Fred Esdaile, Carlie Coates, Alan Smith, Ron Currie, Alan Stevens, David Leatham, Laurie Matheson, Jack Milnes and Roger Page. They decided that a local team was needed by the youth of the area and made an application to the Caulfield, Oakleigh Football League for the admission of a team for 1962.


THE FIRST DECADE (1962-1971)  

First President Fred Esdaile led the club in its inaugural season, supported by Secretary Alby Schmidt,Treasurer Charlie Coates and general members Ron Currie, Alan Stephens, David Leatham, Laurie Mathieson, Jack Milnes, Ernie Southall, Charlie Brown and Alex Felton. The club fielded just the one team in its debut season, a 2nd 18. The first coach was Bill Ianson. The team made the Grand Final, which was played at the Oakleigh Football Ground, but went down by just 7 points.
In 1963, the club fielded its 1st Senior Side and Under 17 side. The First Decade saw the club secure its first Senior Premiership under coach Ross Manniche with a 19-1 record in 1967. Sandown 11 9 75 defeated Carnegie 9 9 63. The club in that year was led by President Archibald Soutter.
The 1967 1st Premiership Team as selected - 9th September 1967
B - Wal Foley, Peter Camilleri, Ron Sheedy
HB - Robin Crewther, Rex Atkinson, Merv Williams
C - Cliff Atkinson, Ross Tucker, Vic Faoro
HF - Trevor Schmidt, Ken Wells, Rick Allsop
F - Harry Gunther, Bert Zelinskis, John Pascoe
FOLL - Ross Manniche, Grant McAndlish, Brenden Milnes
INTER - Don Clarke, Graeme Dawes
Team Manager - Fred Dinnie
In 1968, the club was approached by Local Catholic Priest Father Gavin to assist them in forming an Under 14 team for the Parish. They were given a set of jumpers and use of Edinburgh Reserve at no cost and from that with the assistance of Brian Forsyth and some of his friends, the South Waverley Junior Football Club was formed a couple of years later in 1970, which Sandown would go on to merge with (see Third decade).
The Caulfield Oakleigh Football League became the South East Surburban Football League for the remainder of the first decade.
1962 Caulfield & Oakleigh DFL Fred Esdaile Bill Ianson Sandown FC Seniors B Division (R/U) * Also fielded 17's
1963 SouthEast Surburban FL  Fred Esdaile  Jack Lidgerwood Sandown FC  Seniors 1-16-BYE  *Also fielded Reserves & 17's
1964 Southeast Surburban FL  Ernie Southall  Jack Lidgerwood Sandown FC  Seniors 3-15 *Also fielded Reserves & 17's. 
1965 SouthEast Surburban FL  Archibald Soutter  Bob Baldry  Sandown FC  Seniors 13-6 (Prelim)
1966 SouthEast Surburban FL  Archibald Soutter  Bob Baldry Sandown FC  Seniors 11-8 (1st semi) *Also fielded 17's,15's,13's
1967 SouthEast Surburban FL  Archibald Soutter  Ross Manniche  Sandown FC  Seniors 19-1 (Premiers) * Also fielded 17's,15's, 13's. 
1968 SouthEast Surburban FL  Noel Sheedy Ross Manniche  Sandown FC  Sen 3-15, Res 1-17 
1969 SouthEast Surburban FL  Noel Sheedy  Ross Manniche  Sandown FC  Sen 1-18, Res 3-15, * Also fielded 17, 15's, 13's.
1970 SouthEast Surburban FL Noel Sheedy  Harry Kerr  Sandown FC Sen 9-9,   Res 6-12 
1971 SouthEast Surburban FL  Noel Sheedy Tom Paxton Sandown FC Sen 9-8-1,Res 8-10 


from Sue McDonald, daughter of founding Member Alan Stephens.

'It was a huge part of my life from the early 60's - through to the early 80's. My father was one of the original founding members. He was a very keen supporter and a real mover and shaker for the club in the early years and not only were meetings held in Grace St, but also at our home at 76 Police Rd.
I have fond memories of helping out at the little old tuck shop when i was old enough assisting Margaret Gunther, the wife of my cousin and past footballer Harry Gunther and also with Barb Lidgerwood, wife of Jack. I often had the job of walking around the oval at Half Time with a large sheet of cardboard displaying the number of the winning raffle ticket.
My father Alan never missed a Home Game and of course never missed a beer after the game, which is when he would say to me "Off you go now, home to your mother, I'm having a drink with the men" and back then, you did as your father told you.
Dad was a solid tall man, loud at times but a man of pride and strong morals. He passed away in 1996 and i know he would be so proud now if he could see how far Sandown Football Club has come'


 THE SECOND DECADE (1972-1981)

The 2nd decade started in the best possible fashion, securing our 2nd Senior Premiership under the coaching of Alan Roberts in 1972. Sandown 20 13 133 defeated Ashburton 11 19 85. A number of Policemen were recruited to the club - Eric Yates, Peter Phillips, Graeme Abelthorpe, Bill Woodley, Joe Briglia amongst many other new players. In 1972, we were going nicely until we struck Ashburton away with some injured players out we got thumped and Ashburton who were top of the ladder, let us know in no uncertain manner who rthey expected to be the premier. That loss was the catalyst for a resurgence in the players to go on and win the flag.
In a fiery Annual General Meeting of October 1972 on the casting vote of the President Jack Lidgerwood it was decided not to take the promotion to Division 1 due to the Policemen recruited having to return to duty. The coach Alan Roberts resigned as did some senior players. With no junior teams coming through it was lean times for the remainder of the decade for our Seniors not featuring in finals. Our Under 17's secured the Premiership in 1978, led by Stewart Hayward.  
At the end of the 1976 Season, the club transferred from the South East Surburban Football League to the Eastern Districts Football League.
1972 SouthEast Surburban FL Jack Lidgerwood Alan Roberts Sandown FC Seniors 16-4 (Premiers)
1973 SouthEast Surburban FL Jack Lidgerwood Alan Thompson Sandown FC Sen 9-9, Res 8-9
1974 SouthEast Surburban FL Harry Gunther Alan Thompson Sandown FC Sen 5-13, Res 11-7, 13's 10-8
1975 SouthEast Surburban FL Harry Gunther Jim Healy Sandown FC Seniors 4-14, Res 0-18
1976 SouthEast Surburban FL Neville Attril Dennis Richardson Sandown FC Sen 5-11 2 Byes, Res 3-13 2 Byes, 17's 2-15-1, 15's 9-7 2 Byes
1977 Eastern Districts FL Wal Foley Dave Rogers Sandown FC Sen 3-14, Res 4-12-1, 17's 8-8, 15's 10-6
1978 Eastern Districts FL Wal Foley Dave Rogers Sandown FC Sen 5-12-1, Res 6-12, 17's 19-1 (Premiers)
1979 Eastern Districts FL Stuart Hayward Don Foote Sandown FC Sen 5-13, Res 4-14, 15's 13-5
1980 Eastern Districts FL Stuart Hayward Don Foote Sandown FC Sen 1-17, Res 3-15, 18's 11-7, 16's 10-8
1981 Eastern Districts FL Don Abbott Denis Noonan Sandown FC Sen 2-16 ,Res 7-11, 18's 13-5, 16's 2-14-1

THTHIRD DECADE (1982-1991)

The Sandown Football Club was in trouble. With very few juniors, the players of the past years had ceased playing footy or were on their last legs. A junior club from Mulgrave (South Waverley Junior Football Club, formed originally as St John Vianny formed in 1970) who had no senior club to go to once they completed their junior days. The two committees met and decided to amalgamate the club under the banner of South Waverley-Sandown Football Club. The Juniors played out of the Dandenong & District Junior Football League. The club's colours were combined together - Sandown (Blue and White Jumper, known as the Kangaroos) and South Waverley (Red and White Jumper, known as the Swans). The new jumper design was based on Camberwell's jumper in the VFA (red, white and blue panels) and their nickname of the Cobras was adopted. 


Under the leadership of Peter Bryan, the club ended a 15 year drought securing the 1987 EDFL Div 4 Premiership. Final Score - 18 15 123 defeated Lilydale 14 7 91. At the enfd of the 3rd decade the club introduced having a Club President, Senior President and Junior President.

1982 Eastern Districts FL Don Abbott Denis Noonan Sandown FC Sen 5-13, Res 5-12-1, 18's 15-5 (1st Semi)
1983 Eastern Districts FL Don Abbott Keith Robbins Sandown FC Sen 8-10, Res 6-12, 18's 18-2 (Prelim), 16's 17-4 (Runner Up)

Eastern Districts FL


Andy Hunt Mark Edwards South Waverley -Sandown FC

Sen 4-14, Res 10-8, 16's 17-4 (Runner Up),

Under 11's Premiers 10's & 15's (Runner Up)


Eastern Districts FL


Frank McCoy Mark Edwards South Waverley -Sandown FC Seniors 3-15

Eastern Districts FL


Phil Akers Roger Andrew

South Waverley  -Sandown FC

Sen 11-8 (1st Semi) Res 7-11, 18's 12-6 

Under 13's Premiers


Eastern Districts FL


Phil Akers Peter Bryan South Waverley -Sandown FC

Sen 13-6 Premiers, Res 14-7 (Runner Up) 18's 9-9

Under 11's Premiers

Midgets Lightning Premiership.


Eastern Districts FL


Phil Akers Peter Bryan South Waverley -Sandown FC

Sen 10-8, Res 6-12, 

Under 13's Premiers


Eastern Districts FL


Lewis Short Peter Bryan South Waverley -Sandown FC

Sen 1-16-1, Res 3-15,

Under 13's & 17's (Runner Up)


Eastern Districts FL


Lewis Short Peter Sheehan South Waverley - Sandown FC Sen 12-8 (Prelim), Res 12-8 (Prelim), 18's 17-3 (Runner Up) 16's 3-13

Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Phil Akers/Trevor Moore

Senior President - Jack Lidgerwood, Junior President - Gary Easton


Rod Smith South Waverley -Sandown FC

Sen 7-11 ,Res 10-8, 16's 10-6 (Prelim)

Under 10's Premiers



The 4th Decade of the club, saw the club adopt another significant change in its history. Signs started to show that junior players were beginning to diminish in the North Springvale and Mulgrave areas. There was a strong school of thought that a fight that caused the club some real concerns about its image had an impact on the players performance leading into the 1995 Finals Series.


In 1996 the club decided to bring the members of all committees together for a think tank and it was decided the club needed a new image. The club decided to change its playing name to the Southern Cobras, with its incorporated name as South Waverley-Sandown Southern Cobras Football Club.


In 1997, the club secured its 4th Senior Premiership under Ian Atkinson in his first year back having been a junior star at the club and Dandenong VFA Premiership Player.


The 1997 Grand Final Team:


B - John Reid, Darren Saunders, Andrew Saliba

HB - Jim Ioannidis, Damian McCarthy, Mark Binns

C - Ashley Scholes, Ian Atkinson, Rob Chambers

HF - Marcus Esmonde, Chris Hill, Arron McDermott

F - Brien Todd, Don Elliott, John Adams

FOLL - Joe Vrdoljak, Darryl Carver, Leigh Bowler

INTER - David Duffield, Glen Forsyth

EMERG - Ben Lane.


The team would also go on to make the Grand Final in 1998 where they were Runner Up.


Playing Numbers dried up at the end of 1999, the committee tried in vain to recruit to no avail,and the club entered its darkest days and for the first time in its history had to go into Recess in the Year 2000.


The club was able to restart in 2001 still in the EFL and fielded Seniors and Reserves Sides, but both were winless and the club made a decision to change to the Southern Football League in order to give the players a chance to improve.




Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Gary Easton, Senior President - Colin Hare, Junior President - David Coster


Bob Skilton


South Waverley -

Sandown FC

Seniors 3-15, Reserves 9-9

Under 11 Premiers

Under 14 Premiers


Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Colin Hare, Senior President - Stephen Rowney, Junior President - David Coast/David Chapple John Adams

South Waverley -

Sandown FC

Seniors 7-11, Reserves 7-11

Under 13's Premiers


Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Ray Findlay, Senior President - Stephen Rowney, Junior President - Graham Elfrink John Adams South Waverley -Sandown FC

Seniors 13-6 (Runner Up, Reserves 13-5 (Prelim), 13's & 14's Runner Up


Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Lewis Short, Senior President - Stephen Rowney, Junior President - Colin Pinsent John Adams South Waverley -Sandown FC Seniors 13-7 (Prelim), Reserves 9-9, 14's & 15's Runner Up

Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Lewis Short, Senior President - Stephen Rowney, Junior President - Colin Pinsent Neville Attril

South Waverley  -Sandown FC

Seniors 6-11, Reserves 11-7 (1st Semi), 10's & 14's Runner Up


Eastern Districts FL


Club President - Lewis Short, Senior President - Stephen Rowney, Junior President - Mario Mastramanno Ian Atkinson South Waverley -Sandown FC

Seniors 17-4 Premiers

Reserves 8-10


Eastern Football League


Club President - Lewis Short, Senior President - Stephen Rowney


Ian Atkinson Southern Cobras FC

Seniors 13-6 (Runner Up), Reserves 0-14-1


Eastern Football League


Club President - Lewis Short, President - Stephen Rowney Ian Atkinson Southern Cobras FC

Seniors 8-10, Reserves 0-18



RECESS RECESS Southern Cobras FC  

Eastern Football League

Stephen Rowney 

Pat Henwood Southern Cobras FC

Seniors 0-18, Reserves 0-17-1

With the amalgamation with South Waverley in 1984 - South Waverley fielded the following age groups
* Under 10's - 84,85,86,87,88,90,91,92,93,94,96
* Under 11's - 84,85,86,87,89,91,92,93,94,95,96(disbanded)
* Under 12's - 84,85,86,87,88,90,92,93,94
* Under 13's - 84,85,86,87,88,89,91,93,94,95
* Under 14's - 84,85,86,87,88,92,94,95,96
* Under 15's - 84,85,86,87,88,89,93,95
* Under 16's - 86,88,96
* Under 17's - 86, 87(disbanded),89

THE FIFTH DECADE (2002-2012)

The club, having transferred over to the Southern Football League, have remained in the league until present day. The club decided to change its name back to Sandown, as opposed to Southern to get back to its original roots and in 2006 under the guidance of Michael Rossborough won its first ever Reserves Premiership. Michael returned to the club as Senior Coach in 2011, leading the club to back to back finals series to round out the 5th decade.


Due to the influx of playing numbers, the club decided to set up Thirds Teams (open age) for the first time in 2009 and since that period the club has had a playing list of 100 plus players playing in 4 Senior teams.


The club also decided to change the name of the President to a Chairman to head up a new Executive Board to oversee the club and also at the start of the 2011 season appointed a General Manager for the first time - Brett Phillips, to take over the old Secretary's role in stepping up the club's day to day operations. In 2012, The club also started its first ever Netball team 'The Cobraettes' and its first ever 'all abilities' team for those with a physical or intellectual disability.



2002 Southern F.L Stephen Rowney Pat Henwood Southern Cobras FC Sen 8-10, Res 6-11-1
2003 Southern F.L Lewis Short Brien Todd Southern Cobras FC Sen 15-5 (Prelim), Res 12-8 (1st Semi)
2004 Southern F.L Lewis Short Brien Todd Southern Cobras FC Sen 14-5 (1st Semi), Res 8-10
2005 Southern F.L Lewis Short Steve Jasiak Southern Cobras FC Sen 6-12, Res 6-12
2006 Southern F.L Lewis Short Steve Jasiak/Rod Luke Sandown Cobras FC

Sen 0-18,

Reserves 18-2 Premiers

2007 Southern F.L Lewis Short Mick Allen Sandown Cobras FC Sen 3-12-1-2 BYES, Res 6-10-2BYES
2008 Southern F.L Lewis Short Frank Yaman Sandown Cobras FC Sen 2-16, Res 0-18
2009 Southern F.L Lewis Short Gary Wilson Sandown Cobras FC Sen 3-15, Res 7-11, Thirds 11-8-1BYE (Prelim)
2010 Southern F.L Lewis Short Paul Brown Sandown Cobras FC Seniors 3-14-1 BYE, Reserves 10-7-1 (Prelim), Sandown Thirds 12-7-1 BYE (Prelim), Cobras Thirds 1-11 2 BYES
2011 Southern F.L Lewis Short Michael Rossborough Sandown Cobras FC Seniors 13-7 (1st Semi), Reserves 14-7 (Prelim), Sandown Thirds 7-10-1, Cobras Thirds 1-15-2 BYES
2012 Southern F.L Kevin O'Byrne (Chairman) Michael Rossborough Sandown Cobras FC Seniors 16-6 (Runner Up), Reserves 17-3 (Prelim), Sandown Thirds 16-3-FF (Runner Up), Cobras Thirds 8-7-3FF

THSIXTH DECADE (2012-2022)


2013 Southern F.L Kevin O'Byrne (Chairman) Michael Rossborough Sandown Cobras FC Seniors (8-10), Reserves 16-3-1 (Prelim), Thirds 13-6 (Elimination Final)
2014 Southern F.L Vicki Ryan (Chairperson) Michael Rossborough Sandown Cobras FNC  (Seniors 12-8) 1st Semi final, Reserves 7-11, Thirds (10-8)
2015 Southern FNL

Brett Phillips


Rick Bean  Sandown Cobras FNC  Seniors (6-12), Reserves (6-12) Thirds 12-6
2016 Southern FNL

Vicki Ryan


Rick Bean Sandown Cobras FNC  
2017 Southern FNL

Zain Machfud


Ange Sammartino  Sandown Cobras FNC   
 2018  Southern FNL

 Phil Dickson


 Ange Sammartino  Sandown Cobras FNC  



The following people have had the honour of being awarded Life Membership for their on and/or off field significant contribution, going well beyond the call of duty in bringing on field success through their loyalty and love of the club and off field through their dedication allowing the club to survive in tough times and prosper in better times. 


The club duly recognises the following people who have played a big part in creating the Sandown Cobras story.


* Alby Schmidt
* Charlie Coates
* Ron Currie
* Rex Atkinson
* Archibald Soutter
* Noel Sheedy
* Robin Crewther
* K.Jeffreys
* Harry Gunther
* Lindsay Soutter
* Wal Foley
* Jack Lidgerwood
* E.Walsh
* Cliff Atkinson
* Ray Keynes
* Lewis Short
* Lyn White
* Bernie McDermott
* Jim Ioannidis
* Phil Akers
* Andy Hunt
* Jim Scholes
* Colin Hare
* Stewart Hayward
* Arthur Rowney
* Peter Hanley
* David Crowl
* Neville Attrill
* M.Alexandar
* David Duffield
* Chris Duffield
* Arron McDermott
* Frank McCoy
* Ron Rowney
* Greg Dooley
* Mark Binns
* Phil Tiller
* Stuart Brunning
* Neal Brown
* Gary Easton
* Stephen Rowney
* John Kerr
* Ross Tiller
* Gary Auld
* Colin Halket
* Neil Brown
* Clint Sheedy
* Bao Le
* Michael Robinson
* Steven Orr
* Kim Om
* Ricky Logan
* Matthew Dickson
* Adam Powell
* Warren Barker
* Stephen O'Byrne
* Kevin O'Byrne



Proper documenting of Games Played commenced in 1972. According to records kept, the following records stand:


* Most Number of Club Games (Seniors & Juniors) - Jim Ioannidis (335)

* Most Number of Senior Games - Stephen Rowney (210)

* Most Number of Junior Games - Colin Huth (208)


300 Club Games - Jim Ioannidis (335), Stephen Rowney (320), Arron McDermott (316),

Mark Binns (305), Ross Tiller (304)


You can sort in alpbabetical order, Most Club Game order, Senior Games order, Junior Games order etc.





* 1967 Seniors - R.Manniche

* 1972 Seniors - A.Roberts

* 1978 Under 17's - S.Hayward

* 1984 Under 11's - P.Sicacer

* 1986 Under 13's - D.Overstead

* 1987 Seniors - P.Bryan

* 1987 Under 11's - G.Easton

* 1987 Midgets Lightning Premiership - G.Dooley

* 1988 Under 13's - S.Easton

* 1991 Under 10's - A.Barnett

* 1992 Under 11's - I.Fulton

* 1992 Under 14's - C.Huth

* 1993 Under 13's - R.Mahon

* 1997 Seniors - I.Atkinson

* 2006 Reserves - M.Rossborough



The Senior Best and Fairest Award in more recent seasons, has been named after the Rowney Family, with the winner receiving the Rowney Medal.


The Rowney Family story commenced with Arthur (Arty) father of Ron, Stephen, Paul and Michael assisting in the early formation of the South Waverley Junior Football Club.


Arty's early years saw him as a Junior Coach for the newly formed Junior Football Club. His early help was outstanding.


His son's played many games with the juniors, before they progressed to the Senior Sandown Club.


The Rowney family lived behind Edinburgh Reserve, with Sandown being known as the Kangaroos. Arthur was a regular visitor to the club in those days.


In the early 80's, the Sandown Senior Club was in some trouble. The boys were playing in the Sandown grades & Arty was always there for support and help. Prior to the 1984 merger, Stephen was elected to the Senior committee as Treasurer. On the merger, the Rowney family played a huge role both on and off the field.


In the 1987 Premiership win, Stephen was Chairman of Selectors, Arty helped in the bar, goal umpired and the famous Arty burgers for Thursday night dinner was formed. Arty's other son Ron made a huge contribution (particuarly in setting up the GF win with a strong performance).


In late 1992, Stephen was elected as President of the Senior Club. The club finished 2nd in 1994, 3rd in 1995, and Premiers in 1997. In 1997, Stephen was able to recruit former junior star and 1991 Dandenong VFA Premiership Player Ian Atkinson as Playing Coach, which produced a premiership and runner up in back to back years.


When the club went into Recess in 2000. Stephen through his strong approach and experience and assistance from the committee of the day were able to get the club back out playing in 2001.


On Stephen's appointment, Arty doubled his help which lasted from 1993 to 2006 when he stood down. The list of things Arty and his small coterie group made up of Jimmy, Max and Max Senior did included Thursday Night Meals, Game Day Preperation, Arty's Burger tent at Home Games, BBQ's at Bunnings, home day raffles at seasons end, the $1000 draw and his famous Club 30 Syndicate. The committee then set a budget and each year they exceeded their targets. The work by Arty and his group was excellent.


Arty and Jim in this period had played a big hand in the commencement and continued success of the clubs mini lotto which raised the club in excess of $35,000.


The Rowney's support over the last 40 years in all facets of club life has been outstanding and even today Stephen is till active in assisting the club in whatever way he can. Arty and the rest of the family keep a keen eye on the clubs developments and success.


Arty, Stephen and Ron have been recognised with Life Membership. 




1962 - G.Esdaile

1963 - J.Penry

1964 - D.Knight

1965 - 

1966 - R.Atkinson

1967 - V.Faoro

1968 - H.Gunther

1969 - R.Sheedy

1970 - J.Rundle

1971 - R.Manniche

1972 - D.Noonan

1973 - H.Gunther

1974 - C.Atkinson

1975 - P.Utan

1976 - A.Gardiner

1977 - R.Crewther

1978 - A.Gardiner

1979 - D.Foote

1980 - R.Andrew

1981 - T.Fowler

1982 - T.Fowler

1983 - M.Schultz

1984 - H.O'Brien

1985 - G.Auld

1986 - T.Fowler

1987 - P.Bryan

1988 - G.Boonkkamp

1989 - G.Dooley

1990 - G.Dooley

1991 - L.Wills

1992 - M.Bowler

1993 - J.Adams

1994 - D.McCarthy

1995 - D.McCarthy/M.Esmonde

1996 - D.McCarthy

1997 - I.Atkinson

1998 - I.Atkinson

1999 - C.Hill

2000 - RECESS

2001 - B.Todd

2002 - T.Tufo

2003 - D.Brown

2004 - D.Brown

2005 - R.Kreskas

2006 - R.Kreskas

2007 - S.Foster

2008 - S.Cosstick

2009 - B.Kinniburgh

2010 - J.Toan

2011 - J.Toan

2012 - J.Toan 

2013 - J.Frenken

2014 - J.Toan

2015 - L.Newton

2016 - Jake D'Atri

2017 - Matthew Dickson




* 1962 - Bill Ianson (Caulfield & Oakleigh DFL B Grade Best and Fairest)

* 1986 & 1987 - Tom Fowler (EDFL Division 4 Best and Fairest)

* 1998 - Ian Atkinson (EDFL Division 3 Best and Fairest)

* 2012 - Daniel Macklin (SFL Division 3 Best and Fairest)

* 2013 - Adam Powell (SFL Division 3 Reserves Best and Fairest)

* 2013 - Bao Le (SFL Thirds Best and Fairest)

* 2015 - Tommy Ho (SFNL Thirds Best and Fairest)




* Scott Chisholm - 81 games for Fremantle (63 Games, 25 goals) and Melbourne (18 Games 8 goals) between 1995 and 2000


Scott spent 3 seasons playing for South Waverley Sandown between 1989-1991. He played 34 Junior Games and 13 Senior Games.


* Adrian Deluca - 46 Games, 22 goals for Carlton between 2004 and 2006.


Adrian spent 10 season playing for South Waverley Sandown between 1988-1997. He played 183 Junior Games.


* Aldo Dipetta - 7 games for St.Kilda (5 Games, 3 goals) and Sydney (2 Games, 0 Goals) between 1990-1993.


Also spent 5 seasons playing for Sandown FC/ South Waverley-Sandown FC between 1980-1984. He played 70 Junior Games.


* Fabian Deluca - 5 games for Port Adelaide between 2006 and 2008.


Fabian spent 4 seasons playing for South Waverley Sandown between 1993 and 1996. He played 60 Junior Games.

100 GOALS IN A SEASON - 1962-2012


* 113 Goals - Donald Elliott in 1997.